Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sharing My Data - Time to resurrect the Blog

I originally created this blog to share my personal training experiences leading up to my race goals. Training hard through the winter months towards a Spring peak coinciding with early season events. Then, I reduce my personal training ambitions as I tend to clients preparing for their goals.

So when I left you last, I was riding out my early season form. Battenkill, Lancaster road races, mid-Atlantic MTB races. By early summer my decline in fitness was noticeable. I still did occasional races though. I went to the mountain bike nationals at Bear Creek, PA just wanting to enjoy myself. I brought my daughter, Emily, so she could see what a big MTB race is like.

Good luck finding me. Look for the black helmet. ;-)

Throughout all of this racing, I was hosting skills clinics. Starting with road racing clinics in March. By May, I added mountain bike skills clinics. Clinics for my clients. Then adding numerous public clinics for anyone who was interested. That brought on interest from some teams and small groups for their own private clinics. All this filled in my available weekends.

Women's XC racing clinic.

In August, I switched gears and hosted a series of cyclocross clinics. A weekend clinic followed by weeknight mini-clinics. Those were a great success and got people really excited for the Fall cross season.
August cyclocross clinic

I followed that up with Halter's Cycles Beginner Cyclocross Clinic in September. Five coaches instructing more than 50 people eager to learn new skills. That was a huge success and my biggest clinic ever.
September Beginner cyclocross clinic.

I also took some time to advance my own skills. Gotta stay a few step ahead of everyone. In late August, I went to Steamboat, CO to attend the IMBA Summit. A gathering for the MTB community to discuss all things related to fat tires. I was there for some advanced training as part of the IMBA Instructor Certification Program (ICP). A program that not only teaches the skills, but how to teach the skills to others. Something I started in 2013.

In October, I was back in CO for more IMBA skills training. I spent the week with some great MTB skills ambassadors. I am now one of only a handful of IMBA Level 3 instructors in the US.
IMBA ICP Instructor Trainers in Boulder, CO.

And with that, I hosted a few more MTB clinics before things get too cold here. I had a good friend make a short promotional video. Check out what you may have missed.

Throughout the year, I've been advancing my MTB skills and pushing through previous limits. Going well beyond my cross country mountain bike skill-set. You can now find me dowhilling at Mountain Creek Bike Park. I'm not too impressive but that is not the point. Just proving to myself that I have plenty to learn and having a blast trying to figure it all out.

Launching into a new comfort zone.
Thanks to all of you who have supported me and my events throughout the year. I'm looking forward to bigger things in 2015. Before that, I'm still racing this month at the 6 Hours of Cathedral Pines.

Thanks for reading!

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